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If you skipped the video, basically, I’ve got space for Just 20 practice owners who are RIGHT NOW EXPLORING THE IDEA Of Getting More CASH PAY Into their Practice In the Next 12-18 Months and Want To Know How To Do It Successfully. Are You One Of Them?
What: Insurance-2-Cash Success Pre-Day
When: Thursday 19th October, 9.30-5.30pm
Where: PPM LIVE, Orlando
Who: Paul Gough and 20 Insurance/Hybrid Owners
$1000 Just $750 or 2 x $395
“I’ll be sharing with you everything you need to know about moving from Insurance-2-Cash Pay successfully, as well as the BIGGEST MISTAKES to avoid. If you’re getting ready to move towards cash, this is perfect for you…“

Who this Is For?

  • Insurance practice owners who know that insurance is a “sinking ship” and want to get off sometime in the next 12-18 months
  • For any insurance/hybrid owner who is accepting a “pittance” in low reimbursements from insurance companies but doesn’t have the confidence to drop them and ask for cash instead
  • Any insurance or hybrid owner who has already started the process of dropping insurance –
  • Any insurance or hybrid owner who has started the process, it’s working well, and is now looking to SCALE
Here’s just some of what we’ll cover in our amazing day together:
  1. How to EXPLAIN to current PATIENTS you’re not going to take their insurance (and even get them to support your decision)
  2. How to KEEP as many current insurance patients as possible even though you won’t be taking their insurance (and have them happy to pay in cash)
  3. Why charging more money/higher fees is better for outcomes AND referrals – and how to do it
  4. How to set your cash PRICES to make sure you don’t price your self out of the market
  5. Why going cash isn’t about spending MORE TIME with patients and what it’s really about instead…
  6. How to get your PARTNER (husband/wife) to buy-in-to the move from insurance to cash pay (and support your decision)
  7. How marketing directly to patients is different from marketing to doctors (what to do and what not to do)
  8. The 7 most important things you must consider when you’re moving from insurance to a cash pay practice
  9. Which insurance companies to drop first – and why
  10. The essential first one, two and three “baby” steps that lead to massive progress in scaling a cash-based case load…
  11. How to get your STAFF excited and bought into the idea of dropping more insurance and charging cash instead
  12. Transition Economics: how many patients you should expect to lose and how much to charge to make more money despite losing
  13. The most important ROLE in a successful cash practice and how to make he or she is ready for the role when the insurance companies are fired. Hint: it’s not any of your PTs and it’s not your office manager or your biller either…
  14. And most importantly of all, how to get YOURSELF excited and bought into the transition from low paying, pain in the ass insurance companies to charging “fee for service” at prices that make being in business worthwhile
  15. And so much more…
We’ll cover all of this in one day together.
If you’re looking to have more cash pay in your INSURANCE or Hybrid model business, in the next 12-18 months, you absolutely MUST be in this room with me…
$1000 Just $750 or 2 x $395