(Plus, The Even BIGGER Secrets of Insurance to Cash Pay Success)
The Exclusive 2-Day Mastermind with Paul Gough and Dan Kennedy
For The First Time Ever, Dan Kennedy (the original Millionaire Maker) will be LIVE and IN PERSON talking EXCLUSIVELY to Private Practice Owners like You on What it REALLY takes to become a Millionaire Business Owner.


Where: Cleveland, Ohio (Dan Kennedy’s Home Town)

When: July 8–9, 2023

Who: Paul Gough Mastermind Members + 25 Guests

Price: $2000 Just $1500 or 3 x $535 if you book NOW

Yes! I Want a Seat At This Millionaire Event With Dan Kennedy >

($2000 Just $1500 or 3 x $535)

*Bring a life or business partner saving 40%

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Dear Private Practice Owner,

If you don’t know who Dan Kennedy is, I’ll tell you in the fastest and simplest possible way that will make you wish you did know who he was before now:

“Dan Kennedy has turned more Business Owners into MILLIONAIRE Business Owners than anyone else on the planet”.

He is a marketing and business success genius.

He is the brains behind some of the best marketing campaigns ever produced and he’s also a personal mentor of mine who has taught me more about building successful businesses and making money than everyone else I’ve hired combined.

He really is that good.

In fact, there’s a phrase in my house that I use regularly:

“God bless the internet – and god bless Dan Kennedy”

That’s because I credit the internet with the possibility of finding customers all over the world – and Dan Kennedy with providing me the KNOW-HOW to make it a reality.

Every time we’ve moved to a new, bigger, home (…or country!), gone on an amazing vacation, bought a dream car, or have been able to fund something really amazing for the kids, I thank Dan.

My kids have not met him, but they know who he is! He is like Santa Claus. A mystical, magical figure that they’ve never met but know all about. He is the person who is REALLY responsible for the presents under their tree every December 25th.

If there’s a single person alive today that is responsible for the life I am living today – other than myself – it is Dan. He kick started everything for me. He changed my thinking about business, he changed how I marketed my business and most crucially, introduced me to a set of success principles that helped me become financially free before the age of 40.

I live a life that is well beyond what most people like “me”, from my type of “small town”, believe is possible and it’s all thanks to Dan. When you are from a small, economically challenged town like I am it’s hard to find people who will challenge your beliefs about money and update your thinking about what it takes to be successful and enjoy life – Dan did that for me.

Most importantly, Dan challenged my view of what I now know to be outdated beliefs and social norms, allowing me to live a truly AUTONOMOUS life that most people privately seek.

What do I mean by autonomous?

It means I get to think and live independently and of my own free will, in all areas of life – and not in the way society or even my family or friends expect that I should.

The greatest impact he has had upon my life – and that of my family – is providing me the skills and tools to think RADICALLY DIFFERENT about life and money and he expanded my belief in possibility as well as providing the tools to make it a reality.

I am sure he can do the same for you and that’s why I am giving you this opportunity to meet and work with him in person.

Dan truly is remarkable, and for the first time ever, he will be revealing many of his secrets that he shared with me EXCLUSIVELY to a room filled with Physical Therapy Private Practice Owners.

He has turned hundreds of “ordinary” business owners running ordinary businesses into the “MULTI MILLIONIARE” living next door. Will you be one of his next “victims”?

The Most Expensive Marketing Consultant On the Planet…

To work with Dan is not cheap. World class advice does not come lightly.

Dan has a private consulting day rate STARTING at $25,000 (…I’ve just paid it again!!!!) and to hire him to write any marketing campaign you would probably be looking at $100,000 just for him to pick up his pen.

Over the last ten years I have personally paid Dan Kennedy well over $250,000 to be coached, mentored (…and challenged!) by him and the return on my investment has been 100X. Not 10X… at least 100X.

Since working with Dan I’ve generated over $30,000,000 in world-wide sales through my companies, built a multi-million dollar property empire and enjoy a life that allows me and my family to live between two countries. It’s all thanks to the marketing, sales and success strategies that I’ve learned from Dan and that’s why to spend to just $2000 on a ticket for this event is cheap even at five times the price.

What Do the Millionaires Do Differently From Every One Else??

If you have ambitions to be financially independent, to be in the WEALTHY bracket, this is a must attend for you. Will you leave a Millionaire? Of course not. Will you leave knowing the secrets of how to become one? Absolutely. Of that I am in no doubt.

That’s because Dan Kennedy and I are going to share with you an approach to creating a seven-figure business that is proven, time tested, and stunningly powerful.

We’re also going to show you how to solve the big client acquisition problem that is causing so many PT businesses so many problems.

Dan has worked with 100’s of Private Practice Owners over the years and is well versed with the strategies required to attract and retain the volume of patients that you’re looking for. You might also be surprised with his ingenious ideas for locating lucrative cash pay patients and exiting low paying insurance.

If you have a problem in your marketing department, come and hear from the world’s best marketing expert how you should fix it.

Make no mistake, at this exclusive event one of the world’s top marketers and business strategists, Dan Kennedy and I will share with you our most advanced strategies available to turn an “ordinary” PT business into an extraordinary PT business – and the key approaches to becoming a 7 figure Entrepreneur private practice owner.

Here’s some of what we will cover across the 2 days:

  • Five Leverage Points for Radical Wealth Creation
  • What Millionaire Entrepreneurs understand about the psychology of money that average business owners don’t
  • The importance of destroying industry norms – and how to do it!
  • When, where and how to defy authority
  • How to deal with Debt and Financial Pressure – plus Paul and Dan’s personal ‘zero to million’ stories and key lessons learned
  • What Millionaires Know And Do Differently When it comes to ‘Price’
  • How self-made Millionaires Make Practical Use Of A Personal Belief System
  • How your beliefs about money will define your financial future – and how to change them, Fast
  • Why traditional Financial goal setting does not work
  • How Millionaires Manage Time Differently – Radically Differently
  • How to deal with Criticism and the Negative Influence of others
  • How Millionaires Manage Failure
  • Income versus Equity – the vital difference
  • The truth about the science of ‘Wealth Attraction’ – and why it’s not what you think
  • The 5 key wealth behaviours of the Entrepreneur Millionaires
  • Speed – The Secrets Of ‘Accelerated Accomplishment’
  • How to create a Time Revolution in your Life and why it will immediately impact your Profits
  • The Millionaire Mindset – The radical changes in thinking and behaviour required by anyone seeking a seven-figure income
  • The 5 driving principles that Dan has used to create more Entrepreneur Millionaires than anyone on the planet
  • Dan Kennedy on ‘The Phenomenon’ – The proven system to generate more income in the next 12 months than you have in the last 12 years
  • And so much more…

Plus, Get Dan Kennedys Strategies For DROPPING Low Paying INSURANCE And Start Attracting Profitable Cash Pay Patients Instead…

Dan Kennedy is regarded as the worlds No.1 Marketing consultant. That’s why one of the things Dan Kennedy and I will be talking about at this special Mastermind Event in Cleveland is the “hot” subject of “dropping insurance” and getting more “cash pay” into your practice.

Specifically, we’ll be covering what does the MARKETING and SALES conversation need to look and sound like in order for you to be successful at going from insurance to cash – or scaling a 100% cash pay clinic from the ground up.

With rising inflation, non-stop pay raise requests coupled with LOWERING reimbursements, there’s probably not a more important topic to master right now for anyone running a private practice than how to find, communicate to and successfully ask patients to pay in CASH for their services (and preferable upfront).

Here’s what you might not know:

Dan has been a consultant for private practices like you and I for over 4 decades and in that time, he has helped many private practice owners step out of insurance trap and into the more lucrative cash pay health care setting.

In fact, it was for this exact reason that I went to Dan in the first place. I wanted to know how to move beyond getting and relying on mostly insurance referrals to marketing directly to patients who would pay in cash!

At the Mastermind event in Cleveland on July 8-9th, we’ll reserve a very special segment for a discussion (with moderated Q/A) on the best practices for stepping out of insurance and attracting more CASH PAY patients.

We will talk through things such as:

  • How to position yourself differently from other practices (this goes way beyond Facebook Ads or Google)
  • What to do and how to talk to clients who are NOT interested when they hear you are out of network…
  • Where to FIND people who will be happy to pay in cash…
  • The secret to “lead nurture” that most people overlook…
  • What your website should look like and what it should say to differentiate yourself from the rest…
  • “Who” you need to be and who you must not appear like…
  • Why so many practice owners struggle to transition to cash – and what to do differently…
  • what you can do, say and even GIVE to your patients to get them onside with your cash fees…

If you are currently in the process of dropping insurance, thinking about dropping insurance OR are attempting to grow a 100% cash pay PT practice…

…this alone will be INVALUABLE for you and is THE NUMBER 1 reason that you must attend. To spell it out:

“You will hear from the world’s No.1 marketing consultant on precisely what you need to do to attract more cash paying patients and how to handle their objections.”

Yes! I Want a Seat At This Millionaire Event With Dan Kennedy >

So Close To DEATH, Dan Even Wrote His Own “Goodbye” Letter…

I’m not aware of a more powerful experience for anyone who wants the deep strategies for becoming an Entrepreneur Millionaire.

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and it could very well be the last time you ever get the chance to see him. I mean it when I say that this could very well be the last opportunity you will ever get to hear from Dan, in person.

It wasn’t that long ago that Dan was pronounced “DEAD” by thousands of people on the internet. He was so close to death that he wrote his own “GOOD BYE” letter to his faithful audience wishing us all well and thanking them for following his work. In typical Dan fashion, it “sold” us on continuing to invest in his products and services for many years to come.

So, I don’t say it lightly that this could be the last time you will ever get to see Dan live and in person and is why I am encouraging you to book a seat for this small, intimate event to hear from the horse’s mouth the REAL secrets to becoming a MILLIONAIRE.

Book Your Seat Here:

Yes! I Want a Seat At This Millionaire Event With Dan Kennedy >

($2000 Just $1500 or 3 x $535)

*Bring a life or business partner saving 40%

If you HAVE experienced Dan Kennedy LIVE, you’ll know how profitable every minute you spend with him is.

And if you’re new to Dan, this is your chance to experience the genius of the world’s highest paid Marketing consultant – and best-selling author of 30 books on business success.

Reserve your seat right now:

Where: Cleveland, Ohio (Dan Kennedy’s Home Town)

When: July 8–9, 2023

Who: Paul Gough Mastermind Members + 25 Guests

Price: $2000 Just $1500 or 3 x $535 if you book NOW

Yes! I Want a Seat At This Millionaire Event With Dan Kennedy >

($2000 Just $1500 or 3 x $535)

*Bring a life or business partner saving 40%

Plus, Get Two Months FREE Membership of Planet Paul Marketing Academy – Paul Gough’s Exclusive VIP Community of The World’s Best Private Practice Owners

If you are not currently a member of Planet Paul Marketing Academy, you will also receive three months FREE membership including monthly CD and 32 page “Planet Paul” Marketing Publication. After your three-month trial, you will automatically be upgraded to full membership at $197 per month unless you cancel – which you can easily do at any time (instructions on how to do so will be provided). This Free bonus is for Non Marketing-Academy members only.

Warning: If you are politically sensitive, easily offended, have ever been labelled a “snowflake” (or just generally dislike anyone with an opinion other than your own), we recommend you do NOT attend this event. Mr. Kennedy is definitely not for you. He will irritate you and cause offence of that I am 100% certain.

Disclaimer: And, if you DO decide to attend this event, and are in anyway offended by the commentary or political opinions of Mr. Kennedy, Paul Gough Media LLC cannot be held responsible for any such offense taken.

With all of that said, what are you waiting for?

When will you ever get the chance to spend the weekend with the man who has helped make more small business owners MILLIONAIRES than anyone else on the planet?

If you don’t come – you may just spend the rest of your life regretting it.

If you are coming, I’ll see you in Cleveland in July! It’s a beautiful city where the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is located, the Superman Museum and apparently even the Football Team is looking good these days?

Best wishes,

Paul Gough

P.S As I’m sure you’re aware, this opportunity is only open to a small number of people – just 25 – and the access to Dan AND myself at this event is unprecedented.

This is NOT something you’ll see happening again. If you have any interest in sorting out your finances, I urge you to click below and register your seat (or seats) and not let this chance pass you by because it won’t come around again.

Yes! I Want a Seat At This Millionaire Event With Dan Kennedy >

($2000 Just $1500 or 3 x $535)

*Bring a life or business partner saving 40%